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How to dry age a steak at home.

You may have heard chef's use a term called "dry" or "wet" meat.  Dry meaning dry-aged and wet meaning wet-aged or boxed meat.  Boxed meat are smaller more manageable subprimals that have been generated by the packer and shipped into retail grocery stores.  The meat cutter then trims, cuts and portions the subprimal into retail ready cuts. The steaks are then placed in trays and over-wrapped keeping the moisture of meat inside the plastic environment. After all, meat is approximately 72% water. I will show you how I take a discounted ribeye steak from the grocery store and turn into a dry aged restaurant steak eating experience!


Valentine’s Day Bone-in Ribeye Dinner for Two!

Preheat your oven to 350–degrees.  Place the steak directly on the grate in the center of the oven.  Cook for 15 minutes to medium -rare. The goal for the reverse sear is to allow the steak to slowly raise the internal temperature.  This allows for the steak to cook through evenly. Finish on the stove in a hot pan over high heat. Cook for 1 minute on each side. It should be smoking!


Carve the turkey, spatchcock style!

Resting allows for the juices of the turkey to redistribute and cool a bit in order to prepare for carving.  Make sure you’re comfortable holding the bird. And when making slices, be careful. If it hasn’t rested and cooled long enough, you could burn yourself on the hot turkey juices!


Shin Shank Redemption

The beef shank has a reputation for being dry and tough. And that’s too bad. It's time the shin received it's redemption. When cooked properly, it can be a hearty, healthy, mineral rich meal. This is one of those cuts that all you need is time and patience to prepare.  Sound, familiar?


Make the Most of Marinating

When purchasing a lean cut of meat, especially beef it is important to add a tenderising marinade to breakdown the muscle fibers and connective tissue.If you purchase a well marbled cut of beef, pork or lamb you can marinate for flavor which will pair well with the intramuscular fat, resulting in a more flavorful cut.