Range® Meat Clerk & Cutter Certificate Bundle

The online Range® Meat Clerk Certificate program is made up of 16 courses designed to give you the tools and confidence to provide your customer with a great experience at the meat case.
Our comprehensive program is divided into 3 manageable Range® Meat Clerk Certificate sections.

The online Range® Meat Cutter certificate program is made up of 23 engaging and interactive meat cutting lessons designed to enable students to succeed in the meat business. Included are over 10 hours of lively, instructional cutting videos.  We cover poultry, lamb, pork and chicken.
Our comprehensive course is divided into 4 manageable Range® Meat Cutter certificate sections.

Range® Meat Clerk | 101

This certificate includes 5 courses will cover customer service, basic meat knowledge, recognition of the various types of cuts in the meat case, and instruction on how to use meat as an ingredient.

Range® Meat Clerk | 201

This certificate includes 8 courses will cover beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Learn to identify cuts & attributes, recommend cut substitutes and proper cooking methods to your customers. 

Range® Meat Clerk | 301

This certificate includes 3 courses will assist your employee with recommending proper cooking methods, suggest flavor profiles, rubs, pastes, and marinades to match cuts and cooking method.

Range® Meat Cutter Poultry Certificate | 401

This certificate is made up of 4 courses designed to provide your employee with the ability to process a whole bird into retail cuts.

Range® Meat Cutter Lamb Certificate | 402

This certificate is made up of 6 courses designed to provide your employee with the ability to process a whole into primals, subprimals and retail cuts.

Range® Meat Cutter | Pork | 403
Range® Meat Beef Cutter Certificate | 404

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