Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods & Preparation Tips Certificate

Included in the Range® Meat Clerk Certificate course!

The Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods & Preparation Tips Certificate

This certificate includes 3 courses on assisting the customer with choosing the right cut, recommending proper cooking methods, and understanding and suggesting interesting flavor profiles using rubs, pastes, and marinades to match the cut and cooking method.

Prerequisite:  Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features (RMC202)

How to Make Meat Tender

Earn Range® Meat Clerk How to Make Meat Tender competency badges by completing the How to Make Meat Tender course

Flavor Rubs, Pastes & Marinades
30 minutes

Earn Range® Meat Clerk Flavor Rubs, Pastes & Marinades competency badges by completing the Flavor Rubs, Pastes & Marinades course.  

Types of Cooking Methods
45 minutes

Earn the Range® Meat Clerk Types of Cooking Methods competency Badge by completing the Types of Cooking Methods course, participating in course activities, and passing required course assessments.

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