Range® Meat Clerk Online Certificate Program

The online Range® Meat Clerk Certificate program is made up of 16 courses designed to give you the tools and confidence to provide your customer with a great experience at the meat case.  We cover beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.
Our comprehensive program is divided into 3 manageable Range® Meat Clerk Certificate sections:

Range® Meat Clerk | 101

This certificate includes 5 courses will cover customer service, basic meat knowledge, recognition of the various types of cuts in the meat case, and instruction on how to use meat as an ingredient.

Range® Meat Clerk | 201

This certificate includes 8 courses will cover beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Learn to identify cuts & attributes, recommend cut substitutes and proper cooking methods to your customers. 

Range® Meat Clerk | 301

This certificate includes 3 courses will assist your employee with recommending proper cooking methods, suggest flavor profiles, rubs, pastes, and marinades to match cuts and cooking method.

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