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Range® Meat Clerk | 101

The Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate includes 5 courses and covers exemplary customer service and understanding of meat basics knowledge, along with characteristics of primals and subprimals, recognition of  the various types of cuts in the meat case, and instruction on how to use meat as an ingredient (slices, cubed, ground meats).

As a student you will have the opportunity to learn skills and earn 25 competency badges by completing the course work, answering knowledge check questions, viewing videos, solving jigsaw puzzles and utilizing study aids.  Complete each course and pass the course quizzes with a minimum of 80% accuracy to earn the Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate.

After earning the Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate,  you will be eligible for the Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate, and finally the Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods & Preparation Tips Certificate.

The goal is to earn all 3 Range® Meat Clerk Certificates and achieve the title of Range® Meat Clerk.

Photo Credit:  © Tyler Olso