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Range® Meat Clerk | 201

Prerequisite:  Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials (RMC101)

The Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate includes 8 courses and provides the student with a strong knowledge base regarding the identification and merchandising of the multiple cuts in the meat case. You will be able to identify the individual cuts associated with beef, pork, lamb and chicken, understand cut attributes, and recommend cut substitutes and proper cooking methods to your customers.

As a student you will have the opportunity to learn skills and earn 55 competency badges by completing the course work, answering knowledge check questions, viewing videos, solving jigsaw puzzles and utilizing study aids.  Complete each course and pass the course quizzes with a minimum of 80% accuracy to earn the Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate.

After earning the Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate,  you will be eligible for the Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods & Preparation Tips Certificate (RMC301).

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