Section 1, Lecture 3

Beef Chuck Primal

Prerequisite:  Beef Forequarter & Hindquarter Primal Lessons

Earn Range® Meat Cutter Chuck & Shoulder competency badges by completing the Chuck & Shoulder Meat Cutter course, participating in course activities and passing required course assessments.


  • The student will identify the location of the chuck primal with the two halves – the blade half and the arm half.
  • The student will identify the location and features of the Chuck subprimals.
  • The student will learn basic cutting methods and techniques for the chuck primal, subprimals and retail cuts.
  • The student will learn what a yield cutting test is and how data are collected
  • The student will learn the yield contribution of the Chuck and Shoulder to the beef carcass, and the importance of these data in understanding the value of the primal and subprimals.
  • The student will identify the key bones of the Chuck primal and understand how to use these landmarks to make the correct cuts.
  • The student will become familiar with the IMPS numbers of the subprimals.
  • The student will become familiar with the Latin muscle names of the Chuck retail cuts.
  • The student will understand the merchandising options available when cutting the Chuck primal and subprimals.
  • The student will learn to cut the Chuck primal into its subprimals and retail cuts.

Course Activities & Aids

  • 10 Knowledge Check Questions – throughout each lesson to support learnings
  • 8 Instructional Cutting Videos with Kari Underly
  • Cut Steps and Cutting Descriptions to support the videos
  • Interactive Icons and Charts
  • Cutter and Merchant Details for Chuck Subprimals
  • Cut Charts & Study Aids
  • 8 Competency Badges

Course Assessments

  • Ten-item Random Question Chuck Quiz – Must pass with  80% accuracy.
  • Ten-item Random Question Shoulder Quiz – Must pass with  80% accuracy.

Author:  Kari Underly

Photo Credits:  © Range® Inc., © The Beef Checkoff, © Jennifer Marx Photography, © Adobe Stock Art

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