Section 1, Lecture 6

Beef Sirloin Subprimal

Prerequisite: Beef Loin Primal Lesson 

Earn Range® Meat Cutter Beef Sirloin competency badges by completing the Beef Sirloin Meat Cutter course, participating in course activities and passing required course assessments.


  • The student will be able to identify the location and describe the features of the Sirloin subprimals.
  • The student will learn basic cutting methods and techniques for the Sirloin subprimals and retail cuts.
  • The student will learn the yield contribution of the Sirloin subprimals to the loin primal and the importance of these data in understanding the value of these cuts.
  • The student will identify the key bones of the Sirloin subprimals and understand how to use these landmarks to make the correct cuts.
  • The student will become familiar with the IMPS numbers of the Sirloin subprimals.
  • The student will become familiar with the Latin muscle names of the Sirloin retail cuts.
  • The student will learn how and when to use the denuding cutting technique.
  • The student will understand the merchandising options available when cutting the Sirloin subprimals.
  • The student will learn to cut the Sirloin subprimals into retail cuts.

Course Activities & Aids

  • 10 Knowledge Check Questions – throughout lesson to support learnings
  • 6 Instructional Cutting Videos with Kari Underly
  • Cut Steps and Cutting Descriptions to support videos
  • Interactive Icons and Charts, Drag & Drop
  • Cutter and Merchant Details for Sirloin Subprimals
  • Cut Charts & Study Aids
  • 8 Competency Badges

Course Assessments

  • Ten-item Random Question Sirloin Quiz – Must pass with  80% accuracy.
  • Ten-item Random Question Top Sirloin Quiz – Must pass with  80% accuracy.
  • Ten-item Random Question Bottom Sirloin Quiz – Must pass with  80% accuracy.

Author:  Kari Underly

Photo Credits:  © Range® Inc., © The Beef Checkoff, © Jennifer Marx Photography, © Adobe Stock Art

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