Range® Meat Cutter Lamb Certificate | 402

Range® Meat Cutter Lamb  Certificate (RMCL402)

Prerequisite:  Range® Meat Cutter Poultry certificate (RMCP401)

The Range® Meat Cutter Lamb course includes 6 lessons and 12 instructional cutting videos on how to cut and merchandise a whole lamb into primals and retail cuts.  Students will learn about the popular lamb cuts,  key bones and understand the primals and their yield percentages.  You will learn how to safely break a whole lamb into primals, subprimals and retail cuts using the proper tools.

As a student you will have the opportunity to learn skills and earn competency badges by completing the Lamb lessons, answering all knowledge check questions, viewing videos, study aids and cut sheets.  Complete each Lamb lesson and pass the final course quiz  with a minimum of 80% accuracy to earn the Range® Meat Cutter Lamb certificate.

After earning the Range® Meat Cutter Lamb certificate (RMCL402)  you will be eligible for the Range® Meat Cutter Pork certificate (RMCPK403).

Photo Credit:  ©American Lamb Board,  ©Adobe Stock, ©Range® Meat Academy