Biro® Model 11 Meat Saw

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The Biro Model 11 Power Cutter with 10” Dia. (254mm) saw blade wheels, is equipped with a 1-1/2HP (1.1kw) motor and toggle switch as standard. A powder coated steel base structure, with aluminum head and door structure is also standard. The removable platter and meat carriage are stainless steel.

Designed for use in small meat shops, grocery stores, deli’s, and restaurants, this saw is excellent for boneless meats, chicken, and pork cutting.

This saw exhibits proven design concepts along with the durability and reliability found in other Biro Power Cutters. The single flange saw blade wheel design protects the blade’s tooth set and teeth tips. The Model 11 disassembles without tools for easy cleaning and is economical to use


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