Cure-It Stainless Steel Injector

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With a washdown design for the food processing industry, this complete curing pump unit includes a motor, hoses, injection valve, artery needle and spray needle.

  • Powerful, 1/2-hp motor provides extended life – this is the most powerful motor available in a portable unit.
  • High-velocity fan keeps the motor cool.
  • On/Off Switch.
  • Fully washdown, no exposed parts.
  • Shroud covers motor shaft, with access point at the top for maintenance and hole at bottom for draining.
  • Pump is made of stainless steel, USDA/FDA materials.
  • Only four bolts for easy maintenance.
  • Platform with smooth surface base has an open-end design so the unit is easy to move and carry.
  • The open end also allows for easier cleaning underneath the unit. Water won’t get trapped, reducing the chance for bacteria to form.
  • Rubber grommets on the base and under the motor make the unit very quiet–1/10th the sound of other injector pumps.
  • Oil-filled valve for steady needle read-out–no more trying to read a bouncing needle.
  • The pressure release valve design allows user to easily adjust pressure without any tools.

Replacement Parts Available. Call 1-800-456-5624 for more information.


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