Range® Hands-On Butcher Certificate

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Our comprehensive Range® Butcher certificate program is the highest level. After completing the Meat Clerk and Meat Cutter programs, you will be eligible to enroll in a two week hands-on cutting exam to earn the title of Range® Butcher. 

Coming Winter 2018.


Range® Corporate Training & Workshops

League of Women in Meat

The League of Women in Meat is focused on developing the skills, knowledge, and network of women in meat industries and in supporting their endeavors as agents in those industries, as business leaders and as entrepreneurs. Women in Meat Northeast includes those in agriculture, aquaculture and seafood, those involved in farming, butchering, processing, and product development and those in the restaurant and food service industries. 

On-Site Professional Development

We provide a scalable, cost-effective professional development program to attract talent and develop your current staff.

Our Professional Program is designed for companies or individuals who are looking to solidify their foundational and/or advanced knowledge and skills while validating their existing meat and cutting capabilities. We take a dynamic, learner-centered approach that involves a contemporary-driven and rigorous curriculum for the meat enthusiast or meat professional. 

Who benefits:

  • Meat merchants, vendors, distributors, etc.
  • Meat department professionals (directors, managers, cutters) who will benefit from training
  • Corporate clients looking to add value to their product knowledge
  • Meat enthusiasts, students and entry-level individuals starting out in the food and meat industry


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