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Range® Meat Clerk Certificate

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Range® Meat Cutter Certificate Online

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Range® Meat Cutter Beef Certificate Online (RMCB201)

Range® Meat Cutter Beef certificate course includes 8 courses, 16 lessons and 44 instructional cutting videos. Students will learn how to cut and merchandise a whole side of beef into primals, subprimals and retail cuts.  In addition, you will learn details about the 4 major and 4 minor primals and their subprimals.


Range® Meat Cutter Poultry Certificate Online

Prerequisite: Range® Meat Clerk certificate (includes RMC101, RMC201, RMC301) The Range® Meat Cutter Poultry certificate course includes 4 lessons and 12 instructional cutting videos.  You will learn how to cut and merchandise a whole chicken into parts and retail cuts. In addition, you will learn about the popular meat birds, chicken types and key poultry bones....