It’s That Time of Year! Know Your Kosher Cuts.

I’m often asked about the difference between Kosher and non-kosher cuts of beef... are they better tasting? better quality? simply different parts of the carcass? Here are a few answers to these questions, and then I want to talk about the best lean cuts of Kosher beef and how to prepare them

Keep it Sharp, and Keep Cutting!

So you have a dull knife. What next?  This is one of the most common questions I get from food enthusiasts and industry beginners. It is a seemingly straight forward question. How do you sharpen a knife?  A honing steel DOES NOT sharpen a knife. Its sole purpose is to realign the edge of a blade that can curve over and cause your knife to seem dull from repeated use.  The hardness of the knife blade determines how often you will need to “hone” or realign your knife.  To be on the safe side, when you pick up a knife, always run it over a steel a few times before using.

Make the Most of Marinating

When purchasing a lean cut of meat, especially beef it is important to add a tenderising marinate to breakdown the muscle fibers and connective tissue.If you purchase a well marbled cut of beef, pork or lamb you can marinate for flavor which will pair well with the intramuscular fat, resulting in a more flavorful cut.